7 reasons travel helps recharge your creativity

1) Your senses get exposed to different stimuli – A lot of people see the same people and things everyday and you can get caught up in the same routine. It’s good to get totally out of your comfort zone and be exposed to new sights, sounds, tastes, colors and art. It can give you ideas to for a personal project or even possibly ideas to take back to work.

2) You get exposed to different art, design and technology – Sometimes people think technology creation and entrepreneurship is only happening in the United States, but when you travel you see other design solutions. Three of my favorite apps for South America Travel are Easy Taxi, Metro de Medllin and Whatsapp. Okay, WhatsApp is an american app but if you meet a cut girl she’s going to ask if you have it. Just saying’…

3) It gets you active and outside a desk – My first two months of living in another country I lost 22 pounds. I was walking at least 5 miles a day and many days I would walk 8-12 miles easily. I felt physically better, faster and happier. The fresher food I’m sure helped too. It’s good to wander.

4) You get time to think without distraction – How many times are you distracted in a day by co-workers, emails, the phone, meetings? What could you get accomplished without the constant daily distractions? One place I’ve worked a woman said she was talking a PTO day but she would be catching up on work. She said she wasn’t telling anyone so she could work without interruption. Wow.

5) Get back in touch with yourself – You need time to get back in touch with yourself and what makes you happy. Read, paint, explore, enjoy the tastes of food in a new environment. Ideate and take time to think….or not at all.

6) Meet new people – Traveling is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. You can meet locals to show you around and introduce you to new people.

7) Traveling makes you happy – Happy employees are better employees and are more productive employees. Encourage it!